"The Tantalizing Temptress of Tennessee"

The Legend of Lux-O-Matic... Even in these modern times, the war betwixt good and evil wages on... and on one occasion under an autumnal moon, an angel and a demon met at a Mississippi crossroads. Against all odds, a fiery passion intervened and, amazingly, their eternal battle did not ensue. Instead, the forbidden lovers formed a ball of fire and light-fueled by one another's forbidden fruit and heated by their own passion. Remorseful as dutiful servants to their masters, each returned the next day to the armies which bred them-neither of whom knowing of the lovechild they left behind. With no home or soul to call her own, she walked the earth as half angel, half demon. Her piercing eyes of light reminiscent of how she came to be, Lux became her name. Music mirrors the soul of its creator, and in a desperate attempt to acquire her own soul, Lux follows only the beat of the drum. From the rhythm and blues of the Delta, to the zydeco beats of the bayou she roamed, until the lure of the Music City brought her here. When the music starts, her eyes shine and her writhing body overtakes her mind. This lovely luminescant's loss of self control caused her to quickly be dubbed Lux-O-Matic, and thus is the name which still prevails today. With alabaster curves that conjure the lap of luxury, and piercingly cool eyes that can be spotted from across a crowded room, this raven-haired pin-up is the penultimate in pulchritude.

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